Can I get an exe?

Yes, by going to the latest build here for Windows. From there go to Jobs > Configuration Release > Artifacts then you can download the zip file.

Don’t be an idiot and download a binary claiming to be of this project. In fact, don’t be an idiot and download any binary claiming to be an Xbox 360 or PS3 emulator from any source, especially not YouTube videos and shady websites. Come on people. Jeez.

Xenia crashes when I run it!

This project is in early development phases and is not meant to be used by those who aren’t comfortable debugging the code. Issues filed with ‘it’s broken’ are generally unhelpful, and in most cases the team knows what’s broken (the assumption is everything). If it doesn’t work for you and you cannot figure out why, come back in a few months/years when the project is more complete.

I have a copy of the XDK. Do you want it?

No. Do not post links or downloads to such resources or you will be banned.

System Requirements

  • Windows 8 or later
  • 64-bit x86 processor supporting AVX
  • A Vulkan compatible GPU from this list (NVIDIA recommended)
  • An XInput-compatible controller

Xenia will check for the minimum supported CPU and GPU on startup and error out if one is not detected. Check that your GPU is on this list and that you have the latest drivers installed. You cannot just remove the checks in the code and assume things will work.

What kind of GPU do I need?

Vulkan support and drivers are required. You can check if your GPU is supported by referencing this list.

To get full speed and compatibility the project adapted to Vulkan. OpenGL is no longer supported in this project and deprecated.

Can you add support for Windows Me? How about my Pentium II?

Support for older operating systems and processors will not be added unless a contributor steps up to build and maintain them. All active contributors are on modern systems and busy with higher priority tasks. Whether the emulator runs on Windows Vista or not doesn’t matter if it can’t run games.

Does Xenia run on Linux or OSX?

The project is designed to support non-Windows platforms but until it’s running games it’s not worth the maintenance burden. OSX will likely remain unsupported until Apple supports Vulkan.

There’s only a few major pieces that need cleanup before a Linux port can proceed in earnest, listed with the cross-platform tag. Most of the code compiles with the latest Clang, and very few files have dependencies on Windows APIs (all of that is isolated to files). Though the codebase is ready for the port, it’s not a trivial task and anyone seeking to port it will need a deep understanding of Linux, X11, Vulkan, and Win32 (to ensure matching semantics).

You should port it to Linux, then tons of developers will contribute!

No, they won’t, and that’s not how things work. (I’m seriously told this once a week…)

Think of it this way: the most important kind of contributor in this phase of the project is one who is capable of performing the porting work. If someone has this capability and feels so strongly about Linux support then they would be contributing to the porting efforts already. But otherwise they are nothing more than hypothetical members of our collective dreams.

Why did you do X? Why not just use Y? You should use Y. NIH NIH NIH!

Trust that I either have a good reason for what I did or have absolutely no reason for what I did. This is a large project that I’ve been working on for almost 5 years and in that time new compilers and language specs have been released, libraries have been created and died, and I’ve learned a lot. Constructive contributions and improvements are welcome.

Have you heard of LLVM/asmjit/jitasm/luajit/etc?

Yes, I have heard of them. In fact, I spent a long time trying them out: LLVM, libjit, asmjit. I did not find them acceptable for use in this project for various reasons. If for some reason you feel strongly otherwise, feel free to either contribute a new CPU backend.

(some argument over an unimportant technical choice)

In general: I don’t care. That means I either really don’t care and something is they way it is because that was convienient or that I don’t care because it’s not material to the goal of the project. There are a million important things that need to be done to get games running and going back and forth about unimportant orthogonal issues does not help. If you really do have a better way of doing something and can show it, contributions are welcome.

Here’s a short list of common ones:

  • ‘Why Python 2.7? 3 is awesome!’ – agreed, but git-clang-format needs 2.7.
  • ‘Why this xb stuff?’ – I like it, it helps me. If you want to manually execute commands have fun, nothing is stopping you.
  • ‘Why not just take the code from project X?’ – the point of this project is to build something different than previous emulator projects and learn while doing it. The easy way is almost never the best way and most certainly isn’t as fun.
  • ‘Why not CMake?’ – I don’t like CMake as it generates ugly Visual Studio projects. Premake does what I want (mostly) how I want it to.

Hey I’m going to go modify every file in the project, ok?

We welcome contributions, but please try to understand that we cannot accept changes that radically alter the structure or content of the code, especially if they are aesthetic and even more so if they are from someone who has not contributed before. If a pull request of this nature is denied that doesn’t necessarily mean your help is not wanted, just that it may need to be more carefully applied.

Contributions adding large untested pieces of functionality may take some time to land, so engage early in IRC to ensure someone else is not already working on it or that things can be done to ensure smooth sailing.